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We help merchants drive more business, gain loyal customers, and maximize marketing value!

Credit Card Processing Services

Merchant Credit Card Processing Services

Advanced Clover Merchant Processing Devices 

Advanced Solutions, Delivering Bigger Profits and the Lowest Rates in the Industry

Our approach to credit card processing stands completely apart from conventional financial services companies.
Our strict allegiance is to you, our client, not any third- party provider.
As a DTS client, you’ll receive immediate, measurable cost savings and increased bottom line profitability.

Efficiency and economy are absolutely essential components when conducting business today.  We employ a unique and innovative delivery methodology that enables merchants to obtain, for the first time, direct access to the end providers of payment processing and a multitude of other services. By actually removing, not just reducing, layers of unnecessary costs, our clients enjoy substantial savings unavailable from conventional providers.


Services Offered

Merchant Processing Accounts
Internet Gateway Services
Check Processing
Gift & Reward Programs
Interactive Loyalty Solutions
Advanced Customer Analytics
Wireless POS Solutions
Digital Marketing Solutions
Websites & Web Stores
Operations Optimization
Equipment Sale or Leasing
Cash Advance and Loans

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Merchant services can be expensive. You pay "all" the costs which frequently include 'hidden fees' . . . you need to know the truth before selecting your Merchant Services Provider
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